Ashamed to be English

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Its a few days since this started in Tottenham (where a gang member was shot by police) and this has really got out of hand. The chaos in London seems to have died down but sporadic violence, arson and looting is taking place all over England. The UK and the rest of the world isn’t in a great state at the moment with natural disasters in Japan and other places in the world, Crazy mass murders in Norway, a shitty economy for all of us and now this… I grew up in some really dodgy neighbourhoods and even though I live in a fairly nice location now I know how bad it can be but I still can’t see why people would have so little respect for where they grew up.

There have always been things I dislike about England and things I don’t agree with but seriously I have never felt so ashamed to be English until now, I do understand that everyone’s not to blame and there are a lot of good people here I’ve just never wanted to leave this country so much.

Some pictures of people being dicks

I don't know if you have Poundland by you or in your country but basically it's a bargain shop. I mean you couldn't get me to walk into this shop on a good day and these people find in necessary to brake in. Also everything she's stealing is worth about £2.50... Why rob a place up for a couple of quid? ¬_¬"

Burning T-shirts - why not...

As you my probably be able to tell I’m not a happy bunny (I don’t think many people in the UK are). On a happier note it’s Emilie’s birthday party this weekend (in London ¬_¬) so hopefully I will come back blogging about happy things so watch this space ~ See you later x

Back from Japan

Monday, 1 August 2011

 Hello lovely people I’m back from (a ridiculously hot) Japan, over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about some of the fun and random stuff I got up to when I was out there. For now I’m going to show you guys my lovely gets.

As you can probably tell from a few most of the bits bellow I'm a big Diavlo fan. It's one of those brands I can wear with most looks whether I'm going simple or a little more extravagant.

I felt my pirate swag needed a bit more gold ^^ 

I'm in love with skulls, crowns and stars ♥ I need to try and combine them all into a look that works.

I also got this really lovely bag and dangly bits (*-*)

Jean chains never really enthralled me but I am now a believer ♥

Cute little Lagust ring  


Last time I went to Japan Diavlo weren't really big on their clothing but since 109 2 re branded to 109 Mens earlier in the year a lot of new shops opened including a new Diavlo dedicated to clothing like this lovely T-shirt above.
I felt like hosting it up a little ;)

I finally got the Lagust x Hello Kitty boxers and the last pair in small also \(*O*)/ ↑ 
 My hair will be happy for a little bit ^^

A few magazines to keep me busy. No matter how many shops I looked in I couldn’t find Mens Spider, either they were sold out or no one’s stocking it T_T So if anyone can tell me where to find it online I would really appreciate it.
★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★
 That was most of the fashion bits I got I left a few things out but no big. I also do a bit of Hentai collecting when I can but I'm trying to keep this blog as pure and work safe for as long as possible so if your interested pm me and I'll share.
I've also figured even though it's only been 4~5 (I really need get my ass in gear and write) posts theres not much of me in them (I haven't decided wither thats a good thing or not yet) so I'll try and get some more pictures of me and some of my clothing coordinations also.

Yesterday was my birthday, if you know me personally you will know I'm not really a fan of my own birthdays T_T but I actually had a really nice time ^^ I went for a dinner with my brother.

  (^_^)/~~bye x