Virgin Blak Review

Monday, 5 December 2011

So I’ve been clothes shopping again… before I go to Japan I usually save up a big lump sum of my own money and have a little bit of a blow out when I’m there which is meant to last me a good six months until I go out there again -- in theory. I’ve been a little better this time I lasted almost three weeks without shopping again ^_^;

A friend mentioned an online shop called Virgin Blak – clicks link *nose bleeds* Sexy clothing overload! Generally I don’t buy online, I’m always hearing horror stories from friends who buy things and get hit with taxes and endless delays. Bering that in mind I thought I might as well give it a go and cry if it doesn’t work out.
Virgin Blak is an American based online store catered to men’s fashion from mostly Korea and Japan with a rocky/ dark vibe. I would defiantly liken it to online stores like, although in my find it reminds me how Yesstyle was several years ago before if got all big and corporate. I feel yesstyle now focus less on customer satisfaction due to the sheer size plus its irritating buying 5 items and only finding out days later only 2 of them are in stock…. I rant and digress.
I purchase a white floral blazer (pictures bellow) and a pair of black skinny jeans with leopard print  detailing and coat for my brother. I paid extra for the faster delivery (6 – 10 day), the alternative slower delivery was around 30 days I believe but the option’s there and it is a lot cheaper if anyone’s interesting.

Such a pretty box ♥  
Everything was packed really lovely 
I only took a couple of pictures and this one was probably the least blurry 
The size I chose was a Korean small, it's really well fitted and tappers at the waste rather than an ugly strait cut. The blazer's material is really thin which in my opinion is a positive, it means I could wear a few layers with it and not feel too toasty.

I really do recommend Virgin blak -- -- From the stuff I ordered I found the quality very good, a good range of sizes and the price quite reasonable. my only problem was probably the delivery cost I would like to see free shipping if you buy a large  amount of clothes.

I'm going on holiday around Christmas, Emilie and I have got ourselves a little cottage on the south-west cost of England. Some time soon I'll get some photos up from the Summer trip I took to Japan - they're a little overdue -____- I think there's also going to be a fairly large Gyaru meet in London some time around New Years so that could be quite fun -- goodnight for now Lovely people xx  


  1. My God, I just fell in love with the jacket OTL
    While clicking threw the site I recognized more and more awesome clothes
    I'm drooling xD

    Looked threw your blog, Liked it and now a new follower


  2. It's really lovely and even better in IRL
    I'm definitely going to get some more stuff from them.

    I had a look at your blog and liked it also so I'm following you too ^_^

  3. So, it's been a while, and I'm wondering how are you liking your Virgin Blak swag? Still good? How's it handling the great equalizer: time? I ask because there is a jacket on the website that I desperately want. Dare I say, I'm enamored with. But, I've never heard of this website and reviews are scant, so that's why I'm here typing away. I also was curious about the payment options? Does it have Paypal? (I tried finding out for myself but realized I'd have to completely register first). Anyways... At any rate, you have an interesting blog and good taste. So, I'll be following. Hope to recieve a reply!

    1. I've actually done three medium to large orders (multiple items) with them and I've never really had a problem. They do accept PayPal but you also need to make an account. The quality of their clothing is fairly good, I mean I will always prefer getting clothes in Japan, but aside from that I really do like what they have on offer.
      So yeah I would recommend them as a safe place to buy clothing, but make sure to measure yourself properly if your not use to buying Asian clothing.

  4. Got it. Thank you so much for all the info; it was very helpful! :D

  5. you live in the UK? how did the whole payment and delivery go with the clothes being from a usa site? sorry if i missed it in the blog. but it looks so good on you.