Virgin Blak Review

Monday, 5 December 2011

So I’ve been clothes shopping again… before I go to Japan I usually save up a big lump sum of my own money and have a little bit of a blow out when I’m there which is meant to last me a good six months until I go out there again -- in theory. I’ve been a little better this time I lasted almost three weeks without shopping again ^_^;

A friend mentioned an online shop called Virgin Blak – clicks link *nose bleeds* Sexy clothing overload! Generally I don’t buy online, I’m always hearing horror stories from friends who buy things and get hit with taxes and endless delays. Bering that in mind I thought I might as well give it a go and cry if it doesn’t work out.
Virgin Blak is an American based online store catered to men’s fashion from mostly Korea and Japan with a rocky/ dark vibe. I would defiantly liken it to online stores like, although in my find it reminds me how Yesstyle was several years ago before if got all big and corporate. I feel yesstyle now focus less on customer satisfaction due to the sheer size plus its irritating buying 5 items and only finding out days later only 2 of them are in stock…. I rant and digress.
I purchase a white floral blazer (pictures bellow) and a pair of black skinny jeans with leopard print  detailing and coat for my brother. I paid extra for the faster delivery (6 – 10 day), the alternative slower delivery was around 30 days I believe but the option’s there and it is a lot cheaper if anyone’s interesting.

Such a pretty box ♥  
Everything was packed really lovely 
I only took a couple of pictures and this one was probably the least blurry 
The size I chose was a Korean small, it's really well fitted and tappers at the waste rather than an ugly strait cut. The blazer's material is really thin which in my opinion is a positive, it means I could wear a few layers with it and not feel too toasty.

I really do recommend Virgin blak -- -- From the stuff I ordered I found the quality very good, a good range of sizes and the price quite reasonable. my only problem was probably the delivery cost I would like to see free shipping if you buy a large  amount of clothes.

I'm going on holiday around Christmas, Emilie and I have got ourselves a little cottage on the south-west cost of England. Some time soon I'll get some photos up from the Summer trip I took to Japan - they're a little overdue -____- I think there's also going to be a fairly large Gyaru meet in London some time around New Years so that could be quite fun -- goodnight for now Lovely people xx  


Monday, 7 November 2011

As you can probably tell I’ve been afk for a while – well away from my blog anyway. A combination of heart-breaking man flue and too much work kept me away. A shit load of things have happened over the last few weeks so rather than boring you and making a tl;dr post I’ll try to be concise and give you the highlights.

A few weeks ago Versailles came to London, I wouldn’t say I’m a Versailles fan girl but I like their music and love their style and it was also a good chance to see a few friends. The show was absolutely packed so a hopeful signing turned in to a brief meet and greet but we all got to shake their hands a see their gorgeous faces and the show was amazing so I was happy.

Another really awesome thing happened! I was invited to go to the filming of one of the new episodes of Nevermind the Buzzcocks (Which is a UK comedy music panel show) I’ve been a big fan of the show for years so even though I felt like passing out from man flue I still went along -- and in turn probably infecting everyone T_T -- I met a few celebrities including one of my favourite British comedians Adam Buxton and my hero Noel Fielding! He said I looked really cool and asked if I was in a band, I was like Noel said I’m cool ~ that’s a life dream fulfilled!
Me and Adam Buxton                                  Me and Noel        
         I look so sick here -_-                     crap photo courtesy of my brother

The other week I attended the London MCM Expo as a stall holder with my business. We were so busy most of the weekend – which is obviously really good but I was upset I didn’t get to see a few friends; including Toby -- his blog tobi4chinatown -- hopefully we’ll arrange a meet or something soon.
OH! Yeah!! I also got a pack of these Cheki Polaroid’s printed with Stitch! Now how damn cute are they ♥

That’s it for now, I’ve been shopping a lot lately – haven’t decided whether it’s a good thing yet – so I’ll get some bits up soon. I’m also planning a project with Chris -- his blog journeygyaru-o -- he’s currently at uni in Narnia or somewhere far away but we’ll hopefully have a meet sometime soon.
Also a big Hi! To my new followers (even though I haven’t posted much -_-;) and a lot of love to the followers who stuck around ~ Thank you! I’ll be posting a lot more xx

Fun in the sun with Chris

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Last Saturday I went to see the loveable lothario that is Christian Foxley -- His Blog -- we actually only met recently but we’ve been friends chatting online for a while -- we were both born in the same dark part of the internet so we have a lot in common.

Chris is off to uni in a few days so we thought it would probably be a good idea to meet up before he moves far far away T_T

He lives in a very lovely part of England called Canterbury full of old cathedrals and some of the most mellow people I’ve met in the uk. Chris took me on a tour of the town and some of his favourite shops including a retro games shop he works in every now and then. This shop was practically heaven for me; they even had a commodore 64! As well as the biggest selection of Dreamcast and Sega Mega Drive games I’ve seen for over a decade *Childhood rushes back* After Chris dragged me out of the game shop we went off to Wagamamas for lunch then grabbed an ice-cream and sat in a park and chatted. One of the things I agreed was to show him how to do his hair all prudy. I showed Chis how he could do a few styles as well as sujimori so obviously we had to camwhore ^^

My hair went a bit scummy after the day but I should probably start letting you guys know what i'm wearing: Jeans are Vice Fairy, Belt, buckle and chain are Diavlo, T-shirt is Allsaints, Diavlo necklace and braclets are random ones from Japan and Australia.  

Me again.


Chris and his pretty hair.

I've just done an online shop with a company called Virgin Blak so my next blog will probably be a review with them as well as some more pics, bye for now x 

Ashamed to be English

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Its a few days since this started in Tottenham (where a gang member was shot by police) and this has really got out of hand. The chaos in London seems to have died down but sporadic violence, arson and looting is taking place all over England. The UK and the rest of the world isn’t in a great state at the moment with natural disasters in Japan and other places in the world, Crazy mass murders in Norway, a shitty economy for all of us and now this… I grew up in some really dodgy neighbourhoods and even though I live in a fairly nice location now I know how bad it can be but I still can’t see why people would have so little respect for where they grew up.

There have always been things I dislike about England and things I don’t agree with but seriously I have never felt so ashamed to be English until now, I do understand that everyone’s not to blame and there are a lot of good people here I’ve just never wanted to leave this country so much.

Some pictures of people being dicks

I don't know if you have Poundland by you or in your country but basically it's a bargain shop. I mean you couldn't get me to walk into this shop on a good day and these people find in necessary to brake in. Also everything she's stealing is worth about £2.50... Why rob a place up for a couple of quid? ¬_¬"

Burning T-shirts - why not...

As you my probably be able to tell I’m not a happy bunny (I don’t think many people in the UK are). On a happier note it’s Emilie’s birthday party this weekend (in London ¬_¬) so hopefully I will come back blogging about happy things so watch this space ~ See you later x

Back from Japan

Monday, 1 August 2011

 Hello lovely people I’m back from (a ridiculously hot) Japan, over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about some of the fun and random stuff I got up to when I was out there. For now I’m going to show you guys my lovely gets.

As you can probably tell from a few most of the bits bellow I'm a big Diavlo fan. It's one of those brands I can wear with most looks whether I'm going simple or a little more extravagant.

I felt my pirate swag needed a bit more gold ^^ 

I'm in love with skulls, crowns and stars ♥ I need to try and combine them all into a look that works.

I also got this really lovely bag and dangly bits (*-*)

Jean chains never really enthralled me but I am now a believer ♥

Cute little Lagust ring  


Last time I went to Japan Diavlo weren't really big on their clothing but since 109 2 re branded to 109 Mens earlier in the year a lot of new shops opened including a new Diavlo dedicated to clothing like this lovely T-shirt above.
I felt like hosting it up a little ;)

I finally got the Lagust x Hello Kitty boxers and the last pair in small also \(*O*)/ ↑ 
 My hair will be happy for a little bit ^^

A few magazines to keep me busy. No matter how many shops I looked in I couldn’t find Mens Spider, either they were sold out or no one’s stocking it T_T So if anyone can tell me where to find it online I would really appreciate it.
★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★
 That was most of the fashion bits I got I left a few things out but no big. I also do a bit of Hentai collecting when I can but I'm trying to keep this blog as pure and work safe for as long as possible so if your interested pm me and I'll share.
I've also figured even though it's only been 4~5 (I really need get my ass in gear and write) posts theres not much of me in them (I haven't decided wither thats a good thing or not yet) so I'll try and get some more pictures of me and some of my clothing coordinations also.

Yesterday was my birthday, if you know me personally you will know I'm not really a fan of my own birthdays T_T but I actually had a really nice time ^^ I went for a dinner with my brother.

  (^_^)/~~bye x

Birthday present!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Brother got me an early birthday present! *(^O^)*

 ★*゚  ゚*♥*゚  ゚*★*゚  ゚*♥*゚  ゚*★
That now makes a total of 8 Allsaints t-shirts I think ^^; I'll probably wear this one to the plane station (airport). See you all soon x

Wish list for Japan

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It looks like this July’s going to be the busiest month of my life T_T it’s not that its bad just rather stressful. I’ve got an event the weekend after next, the next day I go off to Japan for two weeks and on my return I’ve got another event in Manchester (5 hours driving) and the day after that is my birthday… Which looks like it’s going to be ignored this year ~ but it’s all cool I’ll try and celebrate in Japan ^^
As well as all that I’ve got myriad things in the pipeline for my business and its website which will hopefully come to fruition soon after my return from Japan.

So yeah very busy ¬_¬ which is my excuse for a pretty lifeless blog over July… Anyway back to this blog, I’ve wanted to get this done for the last couple of weeks so finally I’ve stopped procrastinating and put together a little list of the main things I’m going for when I’m in Japan and hopefully you’ll get a bit of an insight into my looks and style (what style? Alex you suck! Aha I jest).

 I start off the list with some lovely treasures from diavlo.  

Next on the list is Lagust. 

↑ I defiantly have to get these, I really like different types of boxers (boxer – briefs) so I love the Lagust and Sanrio colab ^^

Buffalo Bobs is probably my favourite Japanese brand :) 

↑ I’ve made it my prerogative to get myself a host suit. 

↑ Due to the crappy exchange rate I’m probably going to have to make a choice between a suit or a couple of Justin Davis rings...

This is my dream ring but the problem is it's ¥144,900 T_T anyone feeling generous? 

I also collect phone charms so I’ll also be visiting some gachapon! 

cheki camera! 
★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★
You won’t see much of me for the next few weeks but don’t worry I’ll be back soon with some (hopefully) fun things to talk about  ^^