Let it Snow!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello! So, we’ve had "lots of snow" (people in the rest of Europe don’t take the piss) and weather in England is rarely predictable, so Tania (her blog) and I thought it would be a perfect photo opportunity!
I’ve always loved snow, no matter how long you live somewhere or how many times you visit that place, it always looks completely different and more special blanketed with snow.
Here's some photos of my beautiful Tania ~

These were so fun to shoot XD

Daisy (0ne of Tania's rabbits) decided to come with us

Not a great photo, we had to stop a passing family ^^; 
I hope you all got to see a bit of snow this winter and your 2013 has been good so far ^^

Busy Holidays

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year beautiful people! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Christmas (winter break) and new year! This is just going to be a quick post about my holidays and what I’ve been up to.

So there’s been a big change in my life… I moved! It was a last minute attempt to be in a new place for Christmas and it mostly went off without a hitch, even though I was still moving out from my old place on Christmas Eve T_T It was all worth it to wake up on Christmas Day in my lovey new place :3

I spent Christmas and most of my winter holidays with my beautiful girlfriend Tania and my brother Dominic!

Our awesome (veggie) Christmas dinner :D

Tania also got me some amazing Christmas Presents! 
she got me this sexy Diavlo Laptop bag, it's so prurrdy!! O_O

She got me this book too! Theoretical physics is a bit of a secret love of mine :D

Tania also got me loads of little house warming giftys ^_^
We're both kinda addicted to Japanese Kit Kats so I managed to find this Kit Kat collection box for us to share :D
There were 15 different flavours in total!

Doesn't she look adorable :3

Even with all the stress of moving I got to spend an amazing Christmas with my gorgeous girl :3

I've got a load of blogs planned so I'm going to try and get those up soon. I also plan to blog about my new place soon! :D