Wish list for Japan

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It looks like this July’s going to be the busiest month of my life T_T it’s not that its bad just rather stressful. I’ve got an event the weekend after next, the next day I go off to Japan for two weeks and on my return I’ve got another event in Manchester (5 hours driving) and the day after that is my birthday… Which looks like it’s going to be ignored this year ~ but it’s all cool I’ll try and celebrate in Japan ^^
As well as all that I’ve got myriad things in the pipeline for my business and its website which will hopefully come to fruition soon after my return from Japan.

So yeah very busy ¬_¬ which is my excuse for a pretty lifeless blog over July… Anyway back to this blog, I’ve wanted to get this done for the last couple of weeks so finally I’ve stopped procrastinating and put together a little list of the main things I’m going for when I’m in Japan and hopefully you’ll get a bit of an insight into my looks and style (what style? Alex you suck! Aha I jest).

 I start off the list with some lovely treasures from diavlo.  

Next on the list is Lagust. 

↑ I defiantly have to get these, I really like different types of boxers (boxer – briefs) so I love the Lagust and Sanrio colab ^^

Buffalo Bobs is probably my favourite Japanese brand :) 

↑ I’ve made it my prerogative to get myself a host suit. 

↑ Due to the crappy exchange rate I’m probably going to have to make a choice between a suit or a couple of Justin Davis rings...

This is my dream ring but the problem is it's ¥144,900 T_T anyone feeling generous? 

I also collect phone charms so I’ll also be visiting some gachapon! 

cheki camera! 
★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★*゚  ゚*☆*゚  ゚*★
You won’t see much of me for the next few weeks but don’t worry I’ll be back soon with some (hopefully) fun things to talk about  ^^


  1. How can no one have commented on all these wonderful things?! I deffo know what to get you for your birthday now, as well as a few more bits i had in mind~ :D Shopping will be SOOO MUCH FUNN!!

  2. Holy cow! Those boots are awesome! Can you only get those in Japan?? If so that makes me sad as I could feel like Vincent Valentine if I had them on :)

  3. This particular brand you can only get in Japan but if you search boots or cowboy boots into google there are some really cool one but they can cost a lot. I was going to get these but I tried them on and they didn't fit T_T