GGA Nominations

Sunday, 19 February 2012

 So yeah something random happened… I got nominated for the Gijin Gyaru awards three times! o_O Thank you to everyone who nominated me I really appreciate it. It’s kinda given me a bit of a kick up the arse to get more blogs/ vlogs (hope to be doing some soon) up  -____-
As you can see in the video bellow I’ve been nominated for :
Best Hair
Best Use of Accessories
Most Unique blog (I think that’s a good thing)

If you like me and/or my shiz please vote for me here:
Emilie (her blog) also got nominated for Best overall Makeup! We would both really appreciate if you voted for her too!

I’ll be at next weekend’s (Saturday only) Hyper Japan, I’m modelling at the fashion show thing so make sure to watch that if you’re coming I might even fall over! -____-
Thanks again lovelies xx


  1. Congrats in beeing nominated!
    Your style's awesome, it's clear you got nominated!
    We're competitors in the best Hair category, but you're hair's just so awesome, I bet you'll win xD
    Good Luck!

    1. Aww Thank you! You're look's very cool.
      Good luck also ~

  2. Congrax for the nomination!! And good luck!!=3

  3. Congratulations on being nominated Alex! (^--^)/ ★