Guys Giveaway *CLOSED*

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hi everyone, okay this is now going to be my giveaway post. I was going to blog about my trip to Tokyo Disney, but I'm quite busy at the moment so I'd rather get the giveaways up now and post that one another day.

So if you read my previous blog, you would have seen me mention two giveaways. As well as a giveway for you lovely ladies, l also wanted to do a little something for guys and those girls equally into gyaru-o and j-rock fashion. You're very welcome to enter either or both giveaways.

Keep reading for info on the guys giveaway or click here for the girly one

                           What’s included
                                 ★ men's egg July 2012 (sorry for the late copy, I was supposed to post this a lot sooner)
                                 ★ Diavlo skull and crown necklace
                                 ★ Gatsby grey wax
                                 ★ Puccho sweets                                
~ Rules ~

There are 3 main rules you have to follow to be in for a chance of winning this giveaway so read carefully.

First of all you need to follow my blog

Next, you need to share this giveaway on your own personal blog, copy the image above and link back to this post:

Finally, leave your name, a link to your blog and your email address in the comments section bellow, you can also leave a nice comment or why you want to win the giveaway if you like. 

The winner will be picked at random around the 6th October so good luck!


  1. Name: Sarah

    I'm being greedy and entering both! Thank you for this chance (*/∇\*)and good luck to everyone who enters!

  2. Daniel Malmqvist

    Great giveaway man! Waited so long and finally(!) it is here!~ And why I want to win this is beacouse it is overall a really nice little giveaway with typical gyaru-o stuff (well maybe not the candy haha). let's hope some higher power is on my side helping me win this since I never ever won a giveaway... 8>

  3. Tenshi

    I reaaaly love the idea of doing boyish and girlish giveaway... ♥ Thanks for preparing something like this for us ♥

  4. Faust

    ERMAHGERD I love this give away xD

  5. Name: Wesley Schroder
    Blog: i dont have one yet!

    More and More i am becoming a gyaru-o, for me its in little steps and with your contest i hope more people will be aware of the style. For me the Men's egg would be a lot of inspiration to work with and the Diavlo necklace is going to help me with it!!

  6. Arisu

    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely awesome, I have to enter... everything on the picture is absolutely needed T_T (I know I can't win but this is really awesome giveaway!, how many times did I use "awesome" and "absolutely" already??? :DD ... but... )
    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Kyo

    Finally a giveaway that's related to GyaruO. The first giveaway I participate in, hopefully I'm lucky. Awesome stuff from an awesome guy! I want that necklace desperately!

  8. Chriss @ KOBOSHI
    email: at gmail dot com

    My hair practically entered this giveaway by itself it needs GATSBY wax so badly.

  9. Name Natasha
    blog post

    gfc blublu

    I'm sure that my boyfriend was gona love them,if I win!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Marilena
    blog post:

    gfc Marilena Kat

    i want to win this beautiful products for my brother!!

  11. Name: Kai
    Tweeted here since I don't have a blog:
    GFC: vintageDISCORD
    E-mail: distressandcomagaze(at)

    I'd love to win these for my good guy friend :) Thanks for hosting these giveaways♥

  12. Name: Cookiecat


    my bf wants to start with gyaru-o :3 so I hope I can win for him :) because it´s soo hard, to find gyaru-o stuff XD much much harder than finding gyaru stuff. (or I just have no clue XD) haha

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