Hyper Japan!

Friday, 30 November 2012

The latter half of 2012 has been crazy for me! I’ve made a second business, I had to go back to Japan again (blogs coming soon), as well as loads of other projects and some sort of social life has left this blog pretty bare… As always I’ve been meaning to get around to blogging again I’ve just been struggling to find the time, I’m sorry!

Last weekend I attended an event in London called HYPER JAPAN with my new business! We sell Japanese snacks and accessories, check out the website: sushinoms.com

I really loved the event, there was so much fun stuff to do and a load of really cool people, I ate so much Japanese food… Here's some photos of our stand!

I'm addicted to Japanese Kit Kats and it seems like a lot of other people were too O_O

I hope you liked how the stand look ^_^
sushi noms also has a Facebook so please Like us! facebook.com/sushinoms

I'm planning on posting more regularly so watch this space >_<


  1. Love your shop :D So many amazing sweets!

  2. Man, everything cool comes from Japan. In the U.S. we only have chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate Kit Kats. I'm going to have to buy some of the other flavors :3

  3. My sister and I bought quite a few things and are now enjoying it all, I've also liked the website on facebook :D

  4. I bought a few things with my sister, kit kats and some other chocolates, everything looked so nice! I've already liked your facebook page :)

  5. kitkat is very sweetest.
    this is my favourable chocolate.