Death Art Exhibit

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hey guys long time no see. I've been really busy (as always), as well as my two main jobs I've taken up some freelance web design which is keeping me on my toes.

A few months ago Tania (her blog) and I visited an art/ historical exhibit called Death: A self-portrait which focusing on how death is portraid in art through history. I focused on the subject a lot when I was studying art in College, probably because it's such a taboo subject.  

Hope you enjoy the pictures, there's nothing too freaky but don't look if your squeamish.

We were both amazed by this bone chandelier *_*
Making Here

French massacre prints from the 1600's

Japanese, Dancing dead

Cambodian (I Think)

I did a lot of similar stuff in college, I still love the style.

We made a new friend XD

Red velvet cake and hot chocolate you finish off the evening :3

We went to a few more art exhibits over winter,  I really love going because they're always giving me inspiration for little art and design projects. I really recommend exhibits like this, they're mostly free and you'll always discover something different and interesting, it's a lot more interesting then looking at pieces in a book or computer :)

I'll make sure to most a lot more about my projects and outings this summer, I need to catch up again...
Thank you for looking!

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  1. Seems like an awesome exhibition!
    And who would say no to cake and hot chocolate~ =w=

  2. Haha! That upside down man was so random XD You and your morbid fascination! It was an interesting exhibit, even though I cringed a bit at the top floor torture section....T____T

    1. That chair made of blades in the torture section made me wince...