Fun in the sun with Chris

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Last Saturday I went to see the loveable lothario that is Christian Foxley -- His Blog -- we actually only met recently but we’ve been friends chatting online for a while -- we were both born in the same dark part of the internet so we have a lot in common.

Chris is off to uni in a few days so we thought it would probably be a good idea to meet up before he moves far far away T_T

He lives in a very lovely part of England called Canterbury full of old cathedrals and some of the most mellow people I’ve met in the uk. Chris took me on a tour of the town and some of his favourite shops including a retro games shop he works in every now and then. This shop was practically heaven for me; they even had a commodore 64! As well as the biggest selection of Dreamcast and Sega Mega Drive games I’ve seen for over a decade *Childhood rushes back* After Chris dragged me out of the game shop we went off to Wagamamas for lunch then grabbed an ice-cream and sat in a park and chatted. One of the things I agreed was to show him how to do his hair all prudy. I showed Chis how he could do a few styles as well as sujimori so obviously we had to camwhore ^^

My hair went a bit scummy after the day but I should probably start letting you guys know what i'm wearing: Jeans are Vice Fairy, Belt, buckle and chain are Diavlo, T-shirt is Allsaints, Diavlo necklace and braclets are random ones from Japan and Australia.  

Me again.


Chris and his pretty hair.

I've just done an online shop with a company called Virgin Blak so my next blog will probably be a review with them as well as some more pics, bye for now x 


  1. aw man, I really would have loved the retro-games shop also. Did you take any scenic photos? :)

  2. Cool Outfit alex ! Your hair looks great as always ! <3

    Always wonderful to meet friends from the internet, wish I could gather as well In london :-(


  3. @Emilie It was such a lovely shop! I didn't get a chance to take any :(

    @Emiru no no no ^^ that's such a complement coming from you always look so cool :)

    I always like it also, where abouts are you living?

  4. you both look awesome guys! :D I love your hair esp! ^_^ haha I was actually considering buying that shirt from allsaints not long ago! I liked the print so much! ^___^

  5. Thank you ^^ It really is a lovely shirt, I'm building quite an allsaints collection I really need to stop at some point T_T