Hyper Japan

Friday, 2 March 2012

So last Saturday I was very nicely invited to perform at Hyper Japans Fashion Show by the gorgeous Tania. The fashion show was showcasing Japanese street fashion like Lolita (quite a few different types), Punk, VK and Gyaru.
The downside of the whole day was having to get up at 5am and getting up to Earls Court, London for 8:30. After meeting up with a few friends we did like a mini rehearsal before the venue opened to the public. The fashion show was actually around 2:30 so it gave us all time to get all prerrrdy and shiz.

Everyone (in our little group) looking pretty after getting ready.

We hung out with Chriss and Doudou most of the day

We also went on a bit of a food tour around the event, I attend a lot of these types of events for work but it was the first time in years I've had a proper mozy around to see everything the event had to offer.

We also got a free bento for doing the show!
♥*゚  ゚*★*゚ Ok what I was wearing for the event ゚*★*゚  ゚*♥
Tee ~ Diavlo
Cardigan ~ random Japanese one
Underwear (LOOOL) ~ Lagust 

Jeans ~ Vice Fairy
Boots ~ Vintage cowboy boots from the US

Bag ~ Diavlo
Jacket ~ Virgin Blak (image bellow)

Accessories (necklace, bracelet, rings, belt and belt chains) ~ Diavlo and Justin Davis

I’ve gathered some photos of Emilie and I on stage ~

A group photo of some of us in the Fashion Show,
there were a few more lovelies modeling who aren't in this photo

Special thanks to Noor, Kieran and Tania for getting the photos used in this post

Other than my derp poker face this is a really nice group shot of a few of the guys at Hyper Japan

Thanks for looking I'll get some more fun stuff up soon xx


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun (^___^)

    Looking good here Alex kun~ pretty people and yummy food (*.*)

  2. What a lovely event!! *^* Here , there aren't events so interesting! Lovely pics! *^* all of you looks realy cool n.n

  3. Ahhh, you all look so awesome! Really wish I could've gone!


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  5. Great style !